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The 'ABC' of Qatar International School:
Aspiring to Excellence,
Building Futures,
Celebrating Diversity.

The ABC of Qatar International School is a motto that underpins all the work carried out at QIS that will lead us to becoming not just the best school in Qatar but one of the best international schools in the world.

Through high quality teaching and learning we will establish ourselves at the heart of our community locally, nationally and internationally. QIS will be recognised for its excellent work in all areas of international education and for its focus on ‘learning comes first.’ Everyone who belongs to QIS is a learner. The only distinction is where each of us is at on our learning journey. In order to achieve this we will strive to become:

  • An outstanding and inspirational education provider where each and every learner will be challenged and given the opportunity to flourish and develop beyond their potential. All learners will aspire to excellence and in so doing will be supported fully by a school that caters creatively for all needs and abilities.
  •   A safe, caring and secure school where every person matters. We will be recognised for the outstanding nature of our care, guidance and support to staff, students and parents. Quality mentoring and coaching will be available to all, underpinning our investment in people and their own personal development.
  • An organisation where quality learning comes first, through creative and engaging activities, lessons and relationships. Fundamental learning skills and competencies amongst all students and staff will be a key foundation to developing life-long learning, transferable to all lessons and situations. Everyone, adults and students alike, is on a learning journey which has been personalised, routed and mapped out just for them. This will be evidenced by an innovative professional development programme and forward looking curriculum, which will empower all learners and encourage them to be active, independent participants in the learning process.
  • A school where students’ thoughtful behaviour is the outstanding contributory factor to their successful learning. Positive behaviours are recognised, encouraged and rewarded in support of the QIS ethos. This will be modelled and exemplified by all stakeholders to ensure others do the same.
  • An international community of learners where achievement, attainment, progress and development are valued and celebrated in a ‘can do’ culture. All forms of prejudice are challenged whilst risk-taking and mistakes are viewed as a necessary part of the improvement process. Aspiration and ambition are the norm and high expectations are met with pride and enthusiasm.
  • A centre of excellence and specialism for the English curriculum in an international context. A school where standards, rigour and accountability are used positively and constructively to improve the learning community for everyone, ensuring that QIS will stand comparison with the very best schools in the UK and around the world.