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At QIS, we have identified five key areas of the Arts that permeate through our curriculum. These are Music, Dance, Drama, Visual Arts and Media Arts. Our students are provided with opportunities to explore and celebrate self-expression, communication, and the development of speaking and listening skills.

As a result, creative minds and fostered personalities and imaginations are developed as they journey through school to become happy and well-rounded individuals ready to take on the modern world that awaits them.

Our teachers work tirelessly to ensure the students in our care are encouraged to participate in each area of the Arts within their day-to-day lessons, whilst celebrating both individual and collective achievements.

Through our thematic curriculum, students are able to explore playing a wide range of musical instruments, drama opportunities, act out historical scenes, character impersonations, explore a  range of dance styles, deliver news reports, create animations, use green screens to enhance performances, become podcast hosts, paint in the style of various world-renowned artists, perfect sculptures and much more. There truly is something for every single child to succeed in.