Student Leadership

Leadership is integral to life-long learning. At QIS, students from Years 1 to 6 are given the opportunity to demonstrate and develop their leadership skills through our comprehensive programme of student leadership roles and responsibilities. These include:

  • Head Boy and Head Girl
  • Prefects
  • Student Voice
  • Eco-Warriors
  • House Captains (coming soon)

This year, our students have had the opportunity to apply for a leadership position of their choice by considering the responsibilities outlined for the different roles. The application process included written applications, election speeches and campaign posters which required students to share their creative ideas about how we can continue to make QIS an outstanding place to learn. Students were appointed to the leadership roles following a democratic voting process which involved both staff and students.

Head Boy/Head Girl
Our Head Boy/Head Girl are ambassadors for QIS and promote our school values through their important roles. Opportunities to develop their leadership and mentoring skills will include their support in the organisation of school events, meetings with staff and parents, as well as being a wider voice to bring about positive changes across the school. Our Head Boy this year is Majd (6E) and our Head Girl is Maisa (6E).

Our School Prefects represent the ‘three Rs’ of QIS, which drives our learner profile: Respect, Resilience and Responsible. They are excellent role models for their peers, leading by example at all times and ensuring our school is a safe and happy learning environment.

Student Voice
Our Student Voice team includes students from Year 2 to Year 6. Students are elected by their peers and have the important role of taking suggestions from students across each Key Stage, and presenting these to school leaders to inform positive changes across the school.

“I have lots of ideas to make my school a good place and I like to be a leader.” (Yousef, 2F)

“I joined the Student Voice Team because I want to share ideas that my friends and class have with my Headteacher and make sure we can be happy at our school.” (Amr, 3E)

At QIS, we encourage all students to develop an awareness of environmental topics in the classroom that can impact positively on our world. We provide students with opportunities to take a lead on environmental issues in our school and the local community and to implement changes as they see appropriate. This year, the Eco-Warriors will work closely with our Sustainability Team to make further positive steps towards caring for our environment.

“I want to make my garden area special again. I want to plant some tomatoes and vegetables so that we can cook with it and eat it during our lunch time.” (Youssef, 1B)