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"A love for Learning"

We understand that the journey students embark on at Sixth Form is unlike any other and so we are passionate about providing opportunities that allow students to flourish, reach their full potential both academically and personally and to have positive memorable experiences. Our goal at Sixth Form is simple: to develop independent students who have a love for learning and are ready to enter higher education and the world beyond school.

"Developing the leader within"

At QIS we provide rich, engaging and challenging learning experiences with plenty of extra curricular opportunities for our senior students to get involved with. Student Senior Leadership, Prefects, Experience Ambassadors, Model United Nations (MUN), International Award (IA) and World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) and sports are just some of our activities that students take pride and ownership in, helping to develop the leader within.

"Exemplary results"

At QIS, learning comes first, and this is at the heart of everything we do. With 20 AS and A Level courses being offered, QIS is a place where there is a subject to suit everyone. We have a firm grounding in the traditional A Level subjects but are also keen to meet the modern student’s needs with courses such as ICT, Computer Science, Business and Art & Design. In 2022, our A Level results were exemplary: in Year 12, 85% of our students achieved 3 AS passing grades of A-E and of these 37% of students achieved 3 AS grades of A-B. In Year 13, 98% of our students achieved 3 A Level pass grades of A*-E and of this 60% of students achieved 3 A Level grades of A*-B. It is thus no wonder that our students are truly international; typically applying to over 77 universities across the world, many gaining admission to some of the most highly ranked institutions globally.

"Successful Future"

At QIS we are known for our positive relationships with our students, parents and the local community. At our Sixth Form we are dedicated to providing for the needs of all our students and to provide students with platforms of personal growth and development towards a bright and successful future.  We warmly welcome you to QIS.