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Siblings Registrations for 2022/2023

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Dear Parents;

Siblings Registrations for 2022/2023 will start on the 3rd and finish on the 31st of October 2021.

Parents who wish to apply for FST1 are welcome to submit their applications for their children born not later than 31st of Aug 2019. Children who have a later date of birth can apply next year.

Siblings will be given the priority for the entry assessments, however, no places are guaranteed. Successful students will be put on the waiting list until places become available.

Make sure to enter your correct FID when you submit your application.

Please prepare scanned copied of the below required documents for you to attach in completion of filling the online application.

–  One passport photo for child.

–  A copy of the latest school report. (For Year 1 to Year 12)

–   A copy of a nursery report. (For Preschool or Reception)

–  A copy of the applicant’s and parent’s passports.

–   A copy of the child’s birth certificate and vaccinations record.

–   A copy of the applicant’s and parent’s Qatar Resident Permits ( QIDs) .

–  A recent photograph of the student