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Psychology is a relatively new subject at QIS yet it is becoming increasingly popular amongst students.

At iAS level, students are taught seven lessons a week with lessons aiming to develop students’ ability to analyse research methods and behaviour in varying contexts of the world. Students follow the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) syllabus (9990), which is assessed with two exam papers at the end of the year. An additional two papers are assessed in iAL at the end of the second year.

At iAS, students are introduced to four approaches of Psychology (Biological, Cognitive, Learning and Social) and review important research studies related to each. Students are also introduced to the research methods in psychological research, thereby gaining an appreciation of the aspects that underpin psychology. 

At iAL, students study two specialist options such as consumer psychology and abnormality, thereby providing an opportunity to look at the ways in which Psychology has been applied in the world.

In Psychology, we aim to encourage an interest and appreciation of the subject through the exploration and critical analysis of the ways in which Psychology is conducted. We introduce students to journal articles, evaluating current and key historical psychological pieces of research from across the world, which promotes an appreciation and understanding of individual, social and cultural diversity; ultimately helping to develop global citizenship in our students.

Mrs G. Hendriks, Head of Department    

Year Group

Term 1- topics covered

Term 2 – topics covered

Term 3 – topics covered

Year 12

Introduction to Psychology.

Research Methods.

The Social Approach.

The Cognitive Approach.

The Learning Approach.

The Social Approach.

Issues and Debates.

Year 13

Review of the approaches.

Issues and Debates.

Abnormality:schizophrenic and psychotic disorders.

Abnormality:Bipolar and related disorders.

Abnormality: Impulse control disorders and non-substance addictive disorder.

Abnormality: Anxiety disorders. 

Abnormality: Obsessive-compulsive and related disorders.

Consumer psychology: The physical environment.

Consumer psychology: The psychological environment.

Consumer psychology: Consumer decision-making.

Consumer psychology:

The product. 

Consumer psychology:

Consumer Advertising