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QIS Primary accommodates children from Foundation Stage 1 to Year 6 (ages 3 to 11). The school teaches the national curriculum for England, with the addition of Qatar’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education mandated subjects (Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Qatar History).

The Primary school at QIS is a vibrant place of learning where children and staff alike are encouraged to investigate and take ownership of their learning journey.

QIS Primary offers a thematic curriculum alongside specialist lessons for Arabic, Islamic Studies, PE, Music, and French in our purpose-built and well-resourced school. 

Our class teachers are highly trained in programmes such as Talk 4 Writing and Read Write Inc., which are used to enrich our curriculum provision. In addition to this, QIS offers its pupils a comprehensive programme of extra-curricular activities. 

Academic standards in the Primary sector of QIS are high. We strive to enrich the curriculum and give our pupils experiences beyond the classroom through continuous provision in the Early Years, which allows pupils to have ownership of their own learning and develop skills as well as knowledge. We also offer annual trips to various places of interest, which allow pupils to develop their curiosity about the wider world and see how skills learned at school can be applied in ‘real life’; annual sports days to celebrate and promote health and physical skills; art exhibitions which enable pupils’ creative flair to be showcased; and a variety of visitors who support the children’s learning and understanding of the real world – to name but a few of the activities we use to enrich the curriculum!

At QIS Primary, we take pride in our relationships across the school and offer a supportive collaboration with parents. We use online technology to share curriculum information and messages with parents along with photographs of their children enjoying their learning and details about assessment and progress. Of course, this goes alongside the regular face-to-face contact we share with parents which is extremely valuable in ensuring every child is happy and successful.