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Physical Education (PE) has a unique contribution to make to the school’s curriculum and many students enjoy the challenge of the subject. The long-term aims of the PE Department are:

  • That our students achieve their potential.
  • That they understand the importance of PE and a healthy lifestyle.
  • That they leave school with a committed interest in some physical activity, or at the very least an appreciation of what is involved in skilful performance so that they can become knowledgeable spectators.

To enable us to achieve these aims we try to cater for the needs of individuals by offering a variety of teaching styles. How successful we are depends on many factors including changing attitudes in society towards sport and PE, along with, and most importantly, the specific needs of our students.

IGCSE Physical Education

Examination Details: CIE.

The GCSE course is aimed at top sports performers who are both participating in a range of sports at a high level and are also interested Sport Science. The assessment is a combination of theory and practical; a final examination worth 50% of the final grade and four practical activities; 50% chosen from team sports (eg. football, netball, handball, basketball) and individual sports (eg. badminton, tennis, table tennis and athletics).

Mr S. Firth, Director of Sports