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As per the guidance of the the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the following steps need to be followed:

  • Only non-vaccinated and unrecovered students, across the school, are required to take a weekly rapid antigen test at home to be allowed to come into school. The test should be carried out within a maximum period of 48 hours prior to returning to school.
  • All parents are required to print and sign the attached declaration, also available on the school website. The declaration must be presented to your child’s teacher or form tutor at the start of the day on Sunday, if they are absent on Sunday, they must bring the form on their first day of attendance.
  • Students who are non-vaccinated and unrecovered can not attend school without the declaration form. Students arriving without it will be sent home. 
  • Any non-vaccinated or unrecovered student that arrives late into school must take their declaration form to the secondary or primary admin office. 
  • The canteen will remain closed. Please ensure that your son / daughter brings their own, healthy, food and drink.


On Sunday we will remind all students about the preventative and precautionary measures that must be followed to ensure we keep everyone as safe as possible.

The school gates will open at 6.20am. Please make every effort to arrive on time as the school day starts at 6.50am for all students.