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Leaving Qatar International School

When a student is leaving the school, their parents must give the school four weeks’ notice using the online leaving form ( Where insufficient notice is given, the leaving date shall be calculated as four weeks after the date of the leaving notice.

Official certificates, documents and reports CANNOT be given unless all books are returned, and all fees are paid.

What to do before you leave the school:

Please do not leave this until the last day!

    • All books must be returned to the librarian and all fees paid at least one week before your final leaving date.

    • If you have lost any of your books, the librarian will issue you an invoice for payment. Lost books will be charged at QR200 per textbook and QR100 per library book.

    •  Once you have paid the cashier for lost book(s), the librarian can clear your account.

    • You can submit a request for leaving certificate on the school website.

    • The fee for a leaving certificate is QR 30.

    • You will receive an SMS with a link to settle the payment online.

    • Once we receive a payment confirmation, you will receive a signed and stamped leaving certificate within one working day by email.

    • The leaving certificate will only be issued after or on the last day of the child’s attendance.

    • QIS only issues its letters in English. If you wish to have a QIS letter in Arabic, please translate our English version and we will be happy to sign and stamp it.


Refund Policy

Refund and withdrawal Policy

Tuition and fees

When the student has attended the school for any part of the term, the refund owed to the parent will be calculated by the finance department. The more time that the student has spend in the school during the term will, understandably, reduce the refund. After attending for 50% or more of the term no refund is available.

Deposit fees

  • If the student and parent left the country due to the termination of employment contract prior to the start of the academic year (residence permit is cancelled for parent and student).
  • Parent providing the school with a seat confirmation letter from another school before the end of the academic year.
  • If the school formally dismisses the student, the parent has the right to refund the seat booking fees paid for the next academic year before the end of the current academic year.