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History is a thriving part of QIS and the subject continues to be a  popular option at both IGCSE and at AS/A2. The aims of the History Department are to give students a well-rounded understanding of the world by incorporating aspects of international and Middle Eastern history. Students will learn about major events in world history and how western and Islamic history have been impacted by these key events. 

Many of our students are very successful at A Level, and go on to attend prestigious universities across the world. History is a facilitating subject for many courses; such as law, political science, journalism and history; at leading Russell Group and Ivy League universities, and so the subject has enjoyed increasing popularity at QIS.

All members of the department are well qualified History graduates and postgraduates, who are committed in their desire to ensure students of History achieve their desired outcomes. The subject is studied through academic literature, engaging lectures, online tools and class trips. 

Mr M. Foley, Head of History

Year Group

Term 1- topics covered

Term 2 – topics covered

Term 3 – topics covered

Year 7

1.Tollund man 


2. Egyptians

1. Romans

2. 1066 – Saxons and Normans 

1. Medieval life

2. Medieval monarchs

Year 8

1. Renaissance

2. Age of Exploration

1.American War of Independence

2. French Revolution

1. Slavery and American Civil War

2. Imperialism

Year 9

1. 20th-century events 

2. 20th-century events 

1.World War 1 causes

2.World War1 battles

1.World War 2 

2.World War 2 

Year 10

Edexcel IGCSE

The origins and course of the First World War, 1905-18

Germany: development of dictatorship, 1918–45

Changes in medicine, c1848-c1948

Year 11

Edexcel IGCSE

A divided union: civil rights in the USA, 1945–74



Year 12


AS Level

Unit 1: Depth Study with Interpretations

1C: Germany, 1918-45

Unit 2: Breadth Study with Source Evaluation

1C: Russia, 1917–91: From Lenin to Yeltsin

Revision and exam

Year 13


A Level

Unit 3: Thematic Study with Source Evaluation

Option 1D: Civil Rights and Race Relations in the USA, 1865–2009

Unit 4: International Study with Historical Interpretations

Option 1B: The World in Crisis, 1879–1945

Revision and exam