External Examinations

Qatar International School Is A Certified Examination Centre For:

  • Pearson Edexcel.

  • Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE).

  • Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA).

In Line with Guidance from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

All students are required to take their external examinations in the school in which they are registered.

  • Qatar International School no longer accepts external candidates for IGCSE, AS and A Level exams.

  • QIS students SHOULD NOT take external examinations at any other Centres or Schools.

Covid-19 Health & Safety Guidelines During Examinations:

• The wearing of masks is optional for students during examinations.
• Students must bring their own equipment for each examination. Equipment

cannot be shared.

Exam Results
• October/November 2022 – Results Released

Pearson Edexcel IAL – 12th January 2023 (08:00 UK time)

Cambridge IGCSE/IAL – Mid January 2023 (TBC) Certificates Received – Mid to Late March 2023

• January 2023 – Results Released

Pearson Edexcel IAL – 2nd March 2023 (08:00 UK time) Certificates Received – Mid to Late April 2023

(Please note: Results will not be issued over the telephone.)

If you require any additional information, please contact:
Mrs Dawson – Exams Officer: Tel: 44833456 Ext: 297/298

Email: examsoffice@qis.org