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At QIS, we are passionate about positive behaviour and believe in rewarding the behaviours we want to see from the students. We do this through building strong, trusting relationships with our students and by celebrating successes.

Class Dojo is an excellent way of rewarding students, and communicating achievements and learning journeys with parents.


Students earn dojo points for learning, conduct and behaviour. Teachers award the points via an app and parents receive instant communication about how well their child is doing at school.

Students are grouped into six Houses and earn points, not just for themselves but for their House. This positively encourages teamwork and a sense of belonging. At the end of every week, House Captains total the points and a winning House is declared in a celebration assembly.

The benefits of Class Dojo don’t stop there! Each class has a story page where teachers post photographs of student learning, Weekly Bulletins and key messages. 

How families can log into Class Dojo

Logging in: a tutorial for families. In this video, you’ll learn how families go from a code or email invite to getting all set up with ClassDojo on the web…