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Governing Board Constitution

The aims of the Qatar International School Governing Board are:

  • To provide the school with strategic leadership.
  • To work with the school to agree the guiding statements, mission and vision.
  • To support the principal and school in achieving its mission and vision.
  • To provide critical support in shaping the direction, policies and operational procedures of the school.
  • To quality assure the work on the school’s leadership.
  • To support school improvement.

Make-up of the Governing Board

The board is made up a small number of individuals with defined roles and skills to expedite effective and efficient strategic planning and action. The chairman and principal are fixed roles. The Board has the authority to adjust its numbers up or down, as necessary to better meet its aims. The current board has six members.

QIS Governing Board

  • Chairman: Sheikh Khalid bin Ali bin Ahmed Al-Thani
  • Principal: Mr Deane Baker
  • Board Member for Facilities and Staff: Sheikh Mohammed bin Ali bin Ahmed Al-Thani
  • Board Member for Finance: Mr Emad A. Malek
  • Board Member for Legal Matters: Mr Abdulaziz Bahi
  • Board Member for Education: Mr Tom Johnston

All communication with the Board must be addressed to the Clerk to the Governors at QIS:

Mrs Manal Abu Ghaidah

Tel. +974 44833456